IIT-JEE and NEET are the most hyped exams in the country that most students want to crack. Cracking these exams takes a lot of hard work and countless sleepless nights. Many students want to save time, so they enroll in online courses like Arjuna Batch 2.0 to prepare for the JEE/NEET exam. But only a few students truly convert their dream into reality. So the question is, what makes them different from others? 

The answer is Smart + Hard Work and Time management. Effective time management not only helps you during your JEE/NEET preparation and plays a critical role during exams. Answering the most number of questions correctly and avoiding negative marks is the key to becoming one among the top. Follow the tips below to optimize your day for maximum efficiency in JEE/NEET preparation. 

Tips To Optimize Your Day For Maximum Efficiency

Students don’t need to study sixteen hours a day, but they need six hours of effective study time. Lost time can never be retrieved. So the whole idea is to spend each minute productively, reduce time waste, and prepare in a planned manner. Always remember that a chaotic lifestyle can never bring success in the JEE/NEET exam.

  • Know Your Syllabus

This is the first step of your preparation. Research about JEE/NEET syllabus. CBSE board students don’t have to worry about the syllabus because NTA follows the CBSE syllabus. But if you are from ICSE or any other state board, you should compare your Class 12 syllabus with CBSE Class 12 syllabus. 

Knowing your syllabus will help you formulate a JEE/NEET study schedule and distribute the required number of times to the other subjects. After analyzing the syllabus, you will find that some topics have more weightage than others. You can also take the help of the previous year's question paper to assure yourself.

  • Choose The Best Books Jee/Neet Preparation

Select the best books for your JEE/NEET exam preparation. Ask your teachers or research them by yourself. Using the wrong book will impact your time management. But first, NCERT books with NCERT Solutions should be the main source of your study because NTA (the agency that conducts JEE Mains and NEET) follows the CBSE syllabus. Some questions directly come from NCERT Books. 

  • Online Coaching is a Smart Choice

Joining Online Coaching Classes for JEE/NEE could be another smart choice for time management. Before 2020 there was little information about online coaching. But now it’s reality, and students are benefitting from this. Online coaching saves your precious travel time and gives you opportunities to study in the comfort of your home. If you don’t want to invest much money, you can join  Arjuna Neet Physics Wallah for class 11 and Lakshya Batch for Class 12. Both batches run separately for JEE and NEET students.

If you think online studying is not your cup of tea, you can join any Hybrid classroom-based environment. This is a new but effective way of learning. Here you will take online lectures, and a teacher will be available to you to solve your doubts. In this category, you can join Byju’s Tuitions near you, or if you want the best quality in your budget, you should join the Pathshala 12th JEE 2023  Physics Wallah batch near you.

  • Give Mock Tests and Solve Previous Year Question Papers

Make a habit of giving JEE Main Mock Tests. Giving mock test help you to get ready for the actual exam. To give a mock test, you don’t have to wait for the completion of the syllabus. You can give chapter-wise mock tests after three months of starting your preparation. One more thing is solving the previous year's question papers. JEE and NEET Previous Year Question Papers will not only help you to mold yourself according to the exam-like situation but also help you to find out repetitive questions. 

  • Keep Your Sanity Intact

The above four are the things that will work if you will keep your sanity intact. Make a daily routine for yourself, if which you must include enough breaks. Keeping small breaks now and then help your mind and body to process everything that you have studied so far. You should include these things in your timetable.

  • Enough time to Sleep: at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep.
  • Do some physical activity and yoga for better concentration.
  • Take breaks to socialize with your friends and family.


Remember that we all have 24 hours in a day. The only thing differentiating a successful student from students who cannot make it is a lack of time management. Know your limit and learn to say “NO” to people. Avoid overthinking, and all your daily activities should be focused on the final target. 

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